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I simply cannot wait to add some Zam, Blam and a touch of Zwosh to my winter wardrobe with the comic book and pop-art inspired winter knits from Markus Lupfer and 3.1. Phillip Lim (the Markus Lupfer OMG, 3.1 Phillip Lim Ka-Pow, and Markus Lupfer Ka-Pow jumpers, all pictured, are currently available at www.my-wardrobe.com).

With Bangs and Ka-Pows a plenty, it seems strange that the AW 2012/13 trend has not made a foray beyond the leather and smaller leather goods and into the world of proper accessories (wink). Scarves people! We want scarves!

Whilst thoughtfully pulling on my imaginary beard and pondering where the scarf fanatic can turn in order to meet this fabulous trend, it hit me like a Roy Lichenstein Thunderbolt out of the blue.  Antoni & Alison of course! With my ‘late night double feature picture show’ post fresh in my mind, it occurred to me that there was only one dynamic duo that we could turn to in this time of need for comic-esque silk scarves. Although actually from SS 2010, this Hollywood Star scarf is perfect for the trend and certain to add some fun to the cold, winter months. What’s more, this scarf is currently in the sale at www.yoox.com! Yoink!!!

Lucy xx